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Automated Guided Vehicle, referred to as AGV, which is equipped with automatic guided electromagnetic or optical device, can travel along the guide path specified, with safety protection and various transport vehicle shift function, the driver does not need industrial applications to transport vehicles, rechargeable batteries as its power source.
AGV mainly includes the vehicle, peripheral equipment, field components and fixed control system. The vehicle is the core of AGV, mainly the implementation of transport task; fixed control system is the task of managing transport orders, schedule optimization, through pre-defined interface and other communication control system, the system is also responsible for the interaction with customers and help provide functions such as graphics visualization and statistical analysis; the peripheral equipment includes a variety of vehicle such as the battery loading station and load transfer equipment of the vehicle.
AGV by inserting way is divided into: holding type - pick up tool for clamping jaw, mainly used for directly holding shape packing rules of goods; fork type pickup tool for fork, mainly for carrying a tray loading cargo.AGV navigation mode has magnetic navigation, laser navigation, inertial navigation, visual navigation and so on, can easily change the path, but the path of the laser navigation change more flexible.

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